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We don’t have plans, simply stock up on credits and pay only for your actual activity within the platform.
You can buy credits as needed, or pay for a year’s worth so you don’t have to think about it again (we can help you estimate annual usage).
Use our calculator to discover how affordable the solution can be!

Calculate monthly costs

1. Estimate your case management needs

Around 40 clients you care for per month From 400 /mo

2. Add optional features


Extract data on organisational activity for reporting & invoicing.
Customise your organisation’s templates and documents.


Bird’s eye view of your staff and clients' appointments to make scheduling a breeze.
Save time and avoid conflicts with our smart scheduling.

Total Amount:

  • 40 clients 400/mo
  • Organisation Management /mo
  • Organisation Rostering /mo

Monthly estimate $ /mo

What features come as standard?

As soon as you add credits to your account, you can:

Better manage organisational and case information:

Empower teams to collaborate on care:

Document your list of services and delivery fees

Add client profiles: we call them ‘Circles of Care’

Securely upload essential client treatment information and plans

Link services to each client’s individual plan via a roadmap

Create legally required progress notes and other records

Add an unlimited number of staff members as users

Control users’ access levels to clients & their information

Schedule/see appointments for each client on a shared calendar

Use social tools to comment & share ideas on client care

Invite other care providers or volunteers to access client profiles*

*provided you have consent from the client

Create an account for free to explore our user interface

See what feels like to use, before you add any credits. No obligations.
No payment information required.

What extra features are available?

Additional features are available within to help you manage your team more effectively, and use the case management data you record for reporting and invoicing.

If you choose to access one of our optional features, the cost is deducted from your credit balance monthly.

Organisation Management $100
Charged on a monthly basis

Track every billable moment.

Extract your Organisation’s activity and services using the Report function. Customise your Organisation’s templates and documents.

Organisation Rostering $200
Charged on a monthly basis

Finish rostering in minutes not hours.

Bird’s eye view of your staff and client’s appointments to make scheduling a breeze. Save time and conflicts with our smart scheduling.

DSS Interface $1.00
Per DEX Session sent to DSS

Avoid missing DEX submission dates.

Real time DEX approved transaction submission making DEX deadline dates a thing of the past.

Prices not inclusive of GST

FAQ is designed to support person-centred care. A circle represents all the organisations, care providers and information involved in helping an individual achieve their outcomes.
When users work within a circle of care to support a client, that circle is considered active - you will use credits at a rate of $10 per active circle per month.
If your organisation doesn’t interact with a client via within a particular month, you won’t be charged for that circle of care.

Call our friendly team today on +61 (02) 8378-1818.
Depending on the mix of standard and extra features you wish to access, we can help you to calculate the ideal amount of credits needed.
Payment is via bank trasnfer or credit card. We can provide you with an invoice.
Once you have paid for the credits, you will then have access to functions in

Yes, we are able offer discounted annual plans as we understand some organisations receive annual funding. Talk to us for an estimate of the annual costs of using

Yes, if your organisation coordinates care for a high volume of clients every month, talk to us about negotiating a volume discount. This may be dependent on your willingness to purchase credits in bulk and meet minimum agreed usage limits.

We’re experts in developing software: and we’ve focused on creating robust software that effectively meets the core case management needs of community service organisations. Our scope and our skill enables us to scale our system at a very low cost.
Because we are a social enterprise—committed to creating positive change in the delivery of care—our ability to be efficient amounts to savings for our users!

NO. complies with Australian Privacy laws which only provides access to your records with your Client’s consent.

Registering is free and allows you to explore our user interface. To gain a complete understanding of the system in use, it’s best to book a free demo with our team—we can show you the platform in action using a demonstration version with simulated client information.

Creating an account is free. Simply purchase credits to be given full access to use the platform’s features: e.g., set-up your organisation, add client profiles, and multiple users.

Yes, but you have to be invited by an active organisational manager.
To create or access a Circle of Care (where private client information is stored) you must be assigned a role within the circle by a manager from an organisation that is actively using
In this way, volunteers and other guests can register for free and be given access where needed (with a client’s permission).

Yes, you have complete control over your staff’s access and information.

Yes, you may find that you want to take advantage of the social, flexible, mobile-friendly features of in addition to other systems—so that your team can create progress notes on the move using any mobile device.

It is important that is populated with information about your services, fees, client’s treatment plans and profile information: which may involve some double-up. But the good news is that our platform is easy-to-use, with local Australian support.

Cost-effective case management

Simplify paperwork & focus on caring makes teamwork more social, client information more secure and helps you deliver improved quality of care through coordinated tracking and reporting of client's progress. is mobile-friendly: access it anywhere, at any time for fast and cost-effective case management.

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