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Sharing our evolution with passion
Partnership jigsaw puzzle

Innovation and building communities

Read how Pnyx is part of the growing number of technology start-ups in the Western Sydney area that is helping communities innovate and create new jobs.

Pnyx is based out of a co-location work hub, Launchpad part of Western Sydney University ..

Partnership jigsaw puzzle

Pnyx partnering with Service providers to meet their back office needs

How a software startup and NDIS Service providers can share knowledge and grow together

Pnyx is committed to building a care community platform by understanding user needs first..

Using laptop for NDIS and DEX administration

Did you know Pnyx can create NDIS bulk claims and staff payroll?

Minimising back office and administrative tasks for your Organisation

Pynx users are successfully making NDIS bulk claims into the NDIA portal...

NDIS or CHSP caregiver sharing information with eldery client

Being more transparent with your clients as a value propostion

Offering a unique value propostion for clients as NDIS and CHSP Service providers

Keeping clients involved in their care can be a unique offering...

Cloud based collaboration CRM software

Virtual healthcare collaboration

Multi-disciplinary collaboration tools to achieve greater community outcomes.

As the NDIS and CHSP reforms are underway service providers will need to revisit CRM...

Computer to reporting to the NDIS

NDIS cloud collaboration tool

Cloud based CRM software NDIS and DEX ready.

As the NDIS and CHSP reforms are underway service providers will need to revisit CRM...


DEX Reporting Deadline is December 31

Make this the last DSS deadline you ever dread.

We've been making some small design changes around the system lately, but we've also...

Mobile phone showing new Pnyx mobile interface

Have you tried Pnyx on your mobile?

Low data, ease-of-use empowers support workers at the front line of digital transformation.

In October we unveiled new features that significantly enhance support workers experience using...