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Track every billable moment

Simple and easy record keeping of services provided. Track information from the front line carers to administrative staff. This translates to legal documentation to allow you to get paid on time with minimal fuss.

With a push of a button, Pnyx creates NDIS and DEX automation, tracking time is so much easier

Microsoft Health
Microsoft Health

Roster your staff

One place to manage your team and clients. Avoid conflicts and better organise your time with our smart scheduling. Keep a bird’s eye view of your Organisation to set your staff up for success.

Smart scheduling has reduced my job from hours to minutes

Staff can do what they love doing

Save time for your teams to be on the same page and focus on providing care. No more manual timesheets and documentation of notes, Pnyx will take care of the administration. Pnyx is about supporting you and your team to achieve positive outcomes for your clients.

I get to spend real quality time with the client rather than worrying about documentation when I get back into the office.

Microsoft Health
Microsoft Health

Collaborate with community networks

Allow your Organisation to collaborate with the client’s network of care professionals. Track progress of care by sharing information, live commentary between Organisations, and being involved!

Transparency of care

Keep the person we care for in touch with their care network, allowing them better choice and control to reach their outcomes. Mobile friendly and accessible from any portable device. We built Pnyx for humans so they can feel connected and be heard!

I get to participate in my care plan so I feel in control

Microsoft Health
Work better

Save 15% administration costs for your Organisation!

Get the ultimate all-in-one software for Support Coordinators. Reduce your administrative burden. Collaborate, manage rosters, record information, and generate reports that satisfy every NDIS requirement. It’s so easy with Pnyx.

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