Learn how to manage your appointments and connect them to your Support services on the Roadmap and your Organisation services for Reporting.

Once you have added an active service to the Circle you can create appointments. On Comm.care, an appointment is the instance when the service is scheduled to be delivered to the person. For this reason in order to create an appointment the Circle first ought to have an active service (see Add your services to the roadmap).

Circle's appointments

This Calendar displays all of the appointments related to a Circle, or person, and is the only Calendar that allows you to create Appointments and Progress Notes for this Circle.

Click on an appointment so see more information about the specific appointment.

You’ll notice that there is a red page next to your Appointment. You will see this red flag on any Appointments that don’t have a Progress Note attached. Appointments that do have Progress Notes will have a green flag instead. See how to create Progress Notes on Creating Progress Notes

Adding an appointment

You can only make Appointments from within a Circle’s Calendar, to prevent you from accidentally creating an Appointment for the wrong client. Let’s see step by step how to do this;

Step 1. Go to the Circle

From the Home screen the quickest way to go to a Circle is to click on the circles’s name under “My Circles” on the right. If you don’t see the Circle, it is because you haven’t set it as frequent. Go to Circles on the main menu on the right column and then click on the Circle. If still you can’t find the circle on this list it means you are not part of that particular Circle, you need to ask the Admin to grant you access.

Step 2. Go to the Calendar screen

Click on Calendar from the menu items on the left

Step 3. Add a new Appointment

Once on the Calendar screen click on the date for the appointment to bring up the Add new appointment form

Appointment form

Complete the new appointment form.

  • Title: Name the appointment. A good option is to call it something meaningful like “Dinner”.
  • Related Services: Select the service that will be provided in this appointment. If you can’t find the service listed it is because the service is not active in the roadmap.
  • Attendees: Select the Team members that will be present in the appointment, this way the appointment will also appear on the attendees calendar.
  • Date: At what time will the support services will be delivered? Don’t set the period of time the service will be repeated over, you have done that already when you added the service. This is just one appointment. You will set the repetition on the next field.
  • Repeats: Here is where you set repetition of the appointment. The repetition is based on weeks so you can set the repeater to repeat the appointment every week on any specific weekday.
  • Location: Where will the appointment take place?

Congratulations! You have created your first appointment for this Circle of Care. Now you can add all the other appointments related to the other active services.

You have also finished completing your first Circle of Care. You can add a progress note by clicking on the icon present on the appointment.