Less, admin, better cash flow: it starts with your claims process

Whether you provide services to plan, agency or self-managed participants, the systems you have in place to manage how you claim and manage payments can have a serious impact on your success as an NDIS provider.

Giving people with a disability genuine choice about the supports and services they use is a wonderful thing. It makes your job as a provider slightly more complicated, because you potentially need to coordinate administrative processes for three different types of claims for payment. Of course, it’s easier when you have a robust and flexible software solution like Comm.care by Pnyx, which helps providers to easily filter services delivered by method of payment; extract activity reports and ready-to-upload files for NDIS bulk payment requests; and create simple statements of supports delivered (support logs) or invoices that can be provided to clients or their Plan Managers.

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Why you need a bulletproof claims process

Are you claiming with efficiency?

Software that’s made specifically for disability service providers helps ensure that the processes within your control are carefully managed, so you can remain compliant, satisfy clients and get paid more effectively.

Comm.care by Pnyx is designed to make life easier for community care organisations, so you can focus on what you do best. Learn more about Comm.care’s features.