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NDIS readiness third party verified

NDIS Readiness: How is helping you get Third Party Verified

The NDIA is about to put the NDIS to the test with the first significant audit under the new scheme. This is a great opportunity to gauge improvements in the accountability of Providers, and ensure we’re focused on our primary goal: improving the ...

Challenges facing australian aged care businesses

Challenges currently facing your Australian aged care business and what you can do about them

If you’re realising your dream of starting your own aged care business, your first milestone on the journey will be becoming CHSP registered. Of course, you’ll also face other challenges, but the good news is that when you’re forewarned, you’re fo...

privacy and confidentiality in aged care

How to Ensure Your Client's Privacy and Confidentiality is Protected

A complex issue facing aged care facilities and service providers is the privacy and confidentiality regarding their patients. When working closely with (and often advocating for) the elderly, we’re seeing them at their most vulnerable, and are pr...

Social isolation elderly living

How Aged Care Organisations Can Help with Social Isolation

A common problem faced by elderly communities is social isolation, and it’s something that has physical and psychological consequences. It’s prevalent amongst marginalised individuals, such as Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, LGBTI, disabl...

best software solutions for aged care business

The best software solutions for your new disability aged care business

Your disability aged care business needs a case management system that’s heavy on person-centred planning and also revolves around participants. While is the best-case management system on the market, you’ll need to pair it with other sy...

Partnership jigsaw puzzle

Innovation and building communities

Pnyx is based out of a co-location work hub, Launchpad part of Western Sydney University an“incubator” that allows entrepreneurs to work side-by-side at bases in Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool. Recently reported on Project Sydney - Green light...

Partnership jigsaw puzzle partnering with Service providers to meet their back office needs

Building a social collaboration platform from the ground up has been no easy task. Juan Pereyra, founder of Pnyx was influenced to develop better technologies to help serve the disability and aged care communities. His idea was around how to conne...

Using laptop for NDIS and DEX administration

Did you know can create NDIS bulk claims and staff payroll?

This is the first in a series of blogs on how can reduce the administrative burden that comes with running a business. The intention of report module is to extract information on services provided, staff metrics and assist in r...