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Get to know the basics, and a few helpful tips and tricks along the way!

Getting to know Comm.care


Understand Comm.care

Are you new to comm.care? Get a walk about the Home screen on this tutorial

Manage your Comm.care user account

Edit your profile photo, password and other information about you on Comm.care

Organisation's Roles

Learn and understand the different levels of access on Comm.care you can use to manage the organisation's staff and volunteers

Circles's Roles

Learn and understand the different levels of access inside the Circle of Care you can use to manage your staff and volunteers

Types of Documents in Circles

Learn and understand the different types of documents and levels of access inside the Circle of Care

Managing your organisation


Set up Your Organisation

Control how your organisation introduces itself to other organisations using Comm.care.

Manage Organisation Services

This is where your organisation explains which services it provides. Service information is also used for reporting to funding bodies.

Managing Staff Access

Learn how to to easily manage your staff and volunteers, creating users and managing their level of access.

Managing clients in Circles of Care

Learn how to manage your clients in Comm.care with Circles of Care - A Circle of Care is the place where you will find everything related to a person.

Running Reports

Comm.care made it easy to run reports. Use this reports to invoice your clients and feed your payroll system or manage your services

Automatically report to CHSP Data Exchange

Configure Comm.care to automagically report DSS funded services to Data Exchange

Managing your Circles


Create appointments

On Comm.care, an appointment is the instance when the service is scheduled to be delivered to the person.

Timeline - Working with the person's records

Single view of client with its easy to use *Timeline*. Here is where all Documents, Progress Notes, and other items are stored in chronological order.

Create legal documentation

At Comm.care, tracking every billable moment is now one click away.
You can do what you love doing

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Comm.care helps you deliver improved quality of care through coordinated recording, tracking and sharing of your client's progress/information. Everyone on your team can access it anywhere, at any time, through Comm.care's fast and cost-effective software.

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