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Pnyx Onboarding – Getting to know Australia’s all-in-one
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So many systems, stakeholders, schedules, guidelines, reports…there has to be a better way!

That’s why we created Pnyx, a solution designed for Australian support coordinators.

Being committed to providing a specialised system means our development team has to learn from industry experts. We need to know every barrier, pain point, and emerging challenge in order to solve those issues and make life easier for case managers. That’s why onboarding is so important. It’s our opportunity to offer Pnyx kickstart program free of charge, and in return we get invaluable information that helps us evolve.

Now you can discover how Pnyx can improve your organisation, thanks to the 30/30/30 campaign where we provide 30 businesses with 30 free days of onboarding (full access, training and support).

Here’s a look at the Pnyx onboarding process:

Session 1

This is a one-on-one Skype session with the manager, personalised just for your organisation.

  • Tell us about your business and its specific challenges and requirements
  • Set up your Organisation profile so you can promote your services to other communities on the Pnyx platform
  • Add your staff and their access levels (we’ll explain what each access level and permission means)

Session 2

It’s time to add the most important people: the Participants. Discover how easy it is to set profiles, permissions and goals. This session can be one-on-one or open to all levels in the organisation.

  • Create Participants’ profiles including all important information plus personal plans, assessments, hobbies and interests
  • Define roles for your staff and set permissions that determine what information on the client they can access
  • Customise the way staff schedule appointments, and start tracking their billable time

Session 3

Discover the powerful yet simple tools that improve day-to-day management. This Webinar session can be open to all managers.

  • We’ll show you how to generate reports for NDIS Bulk Upload, HR and payroll reporting
  • See how easy it is to roster your staff and manage clients outcomes

Session 4

Cut down on paperwork by discovering how Pnyx tools can streamline your workflow. This Webinar session is great for the whole team.

  • Customise documents and templates to reduce the admin burden for your staff
  • See how easy it is to roster your staff and manage clients outcomes
  • Harness Pnyx' powerful social media tools by creating and updating your newsfeed

With Pnyx onboarding, you’ll be a pro in no time, and quickly discover why support coordinators love our case management tools.

Increase the efficiency of your organisation, meet all NDIS requirements and save time, energy and money.

There is a better way

Be one the 30 organisations to access the Pnyx kickstart program, free of charge.

Work better

All you need is Pnyx

Go from manual to automatic with a single cloud-based solution that not only collects, collates and reports information, but also revolutionises the way you collaborate by providing innovative and easy-to-use social tools.

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