Learn how to manage the support services on clients roadmap - The Roadmap displays each of the Services provided to your client by any organisation and is used for reporting purposes.

The Roadmap displays each of the Services provided to your client by any organisation in the past, currently, or in the future, and is used for reporting purposes. Before adding new services to your Circle, ensure that the service is listed in Pnyx under your Organisation, or it will not appear in the form. You can add any active service being provided by an organisation to a client’s Circle - here’s how.’

Organisation's list of Clients

Adding a support service to the roadmap

Step 1. Go to the Circle

From the Home screen the quickest way to go to a Circle is to click on the circles’s name under “My Circles” on the right. If you don’t see the Circle, it is because you haven’t set it as frequent. Go to Circles on the main menu on the right column and then click on the Circle. If still you can’t find the circle on this list it means you are not part of that particular Circle, you need to ask the Admin to grant you access.

Step 2. Go to the Roadmap

Click on Roadmap from the menu items on the left.

Step 3. Add a new Service

Once on the Roadmap tab click on the Add new service on the top right.

Support service form

On the Add service form select the service your organisation will provide to the person, which has the following fields:

  • Service: Select the service that will be provided from your organisation’s list.
  • Service state: This is a useful field to plan current and future services for the person and assign them different states.
  • From and To: Set the Start and End dates for the service. Again this field can be used in conjunction with the Circle state to plan for future services.
  • Service Objectives: Based on the personal plan, this field shows the objectives of this particular service for the person.
  • Fees charge: Set the fees charged to the client. If the support service is funded by the NDIS or CHSP the fees are specified on the arrangement on the organisation service.

Congratulations! You have added your first service to the Teams. Now you can add all the other services to the Teams.