About Us

Our Origins

Pnyx was established in 2012 by Juan Pereyra, a Systems Architect with decades of experience in major IT projects across Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

Juan was working in the Community Services sector at the time, where technology shortcomings were a common occurrence. He began to develop a strong interest in a new technology paradigm – “Social Technology” (i.e. technology being developed in a more organic, humanistic way, where IT systems engage with human interactions, rather than being configured in rigid structures and systems). Social media is based on such a paradigm.

It occurred to him that he could use social technology to create a social, multidisciplinary case management system, thus comm.care was born.

comm.care first diagram of Persone Centered case management
Girl trusting her fellow people

Commitment to building Communities

Our core ethos is to ultimately operate for the benefit of the community.

We believe comm.care can help deliver lasting social outcomes - fostering collaboration and creating strong networks amongst community organisations to, in turn, enable them to deliver enhanced care for the vulnerable in our society at an affordable cost.

Comm.care generates and supports wider community networks; when community organisations are connected and able to fully collaborate, they can cut through multiple (and often complex) layers of communication that so often impede effective collaboration and coordinated care – especially where several service providers and organisations are involved.

The Team
Juan thought up Pnyx, made it a reality, and is forever improving its functionality. His role covers many areas from product strategy to customer support. When not in Pnyx, Juan bushwalks in the Blue Mountains and takes care of the chooks.
Juan Pereyra, Founder
Pamela handles the business side of Pnyx. Having seen the light after 15 years in the Corporate sector, she enjoys the variety and challenges of growing Pnyx. When not talking to clients to understand their stories, Pamela likes to cycle as far and fast as her wheels can carry her.
Pamela Sue, Business Development Manager
Nicolas can speak binary and works his magic to build the system. He puts the bits together to make Pnyx happen. When not wrestling with code, he can be found oohing and aahing over his baby girl.
Nicolas Episcopo, Software Engineer
Shailendra tests everything twice to remove bugs from Pnyx once. He keeps it all working smoothly, at least when the cricket is not on.
Shailendra Pratapsingh, Quality Assurance